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 just in time?

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* We can accommodate any time/day except Sunday.


Up to 100 people:

$10 per person (plus tax), $200 minimum

Over 100 people:

$5 per person (plus tax)

Want to add pizza?

We partner with Garlic Garden Bistro, ( ) a local restaurant to provide pizza.

If you meet the $200 minimum for MER and want to add a pizza party it's an extra $5 per person (plus tax).

Room Size

* Our Mobile Escape Rooms (MER) can accommodate 10-15 people per room, depending on venue size.  

* We can set up multiple rooms, and you can play in 'waves' depending on the size of your group!

Gift Certificates

Need a gift for birthday, anniversary, holiday, graduation, any occasion? Give a gift card for an escape room.  Nothing says "I love you" or "I appreciate you" or "Congratulations" like the gift of a room that needs to be solved!